Belmont International English

Practice, practice, practice


I have often said that learning a foreign language is like learning to play a musical instrument.  One can read books on the subject forever, but the only way to learn is to practice, practice, practice.  It is not easy for learners of English to find native speakers to talk to.  This page contains some suggestions on how students can find opportunities to integrate into the American community and practice their English. 


There is no better way to improve pronunciation than by joining a singing group. 

Clubs and organizations

Americans are fond of clubs, and there is very likely a club or organization near you which does things you are interested in.  There are clubs for hiking and canoeing and other outdoor activities, dance groups, arts and crafts groups, and many more.  I can only give a sample here.  Look for groups in your locality.  Most groups welcome new members. 


Volunteer to work for some worthy cause and have the opportunity to work with and talk to Americans.

Listening to the radio  Once students get beyond the beginner stage, they can benefit from listening to the radio.  I highly recommend National Public Radio.  The programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered have articles of general interest, and the announcers usually speak a pretty high level of English, without a lot of slang.  I suggest that students sit down and concentrate on what is being said, minimizing distractions as much as possible.

Click here to go to NPR's web page. Enter your zip code to find the NPR station nearest you.