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I am often asked about other ESL programs available in the Nashville area.  Unfortunately, I don't have personal knowledge of most of these programs. I am including lists of all the programs that others have told me about.  You will have to check them out for yourself.  If you find that one of these programs is particularly good (or particularly bad), please let me know so that I can pass this information on to other prospective students. 

You may click on any of the web addresses below for direct link to the website of the organization. 

Belmont ESL

This program is sponsored by the members of the Belmont United Methodist Church, and is a part of the same program as Belmont International English.  Our programs work very closely together.  For those who find Belmont International English too difficult, it is possible to change classes to a different level in Belmont ESL, and for those who find their class in Belmont ESL too easy, it is easy to transfer to Belmont International English.

Our registration procedures are slightly different.  One may register for BIE on line at any time.  (See registration page.  Click on "registration" in the upper left of the home page.)  For Belmont ESL, registration details are not yet worked out, but I will post the exact dates and times on this webpage as soon as they are decided.   For more information, contact Mr. Charles Hewgley at 

Nashville Public Library

The Nashville Public Library sponsors some ESL programs of its own, and also keeps a list of other ESL resources in Nashville.  The programs run by the library are all very good.  I do not know the quality of all of the other programs, but it is almost certain that all on this list are at least adequate.  If you try one, and find that it's particularly good (or particularly bad), please let me know.   

Click here to go to the Nashville Public Library ESL site.

Nashville International Center for Empowerment 

NICE has summer classes.  It  offers ESL classes at six different levels ranging from beginning literacy to high intermediate.  Classes are offered during morning and evening hours. 

Click here to go to Empower Nashville website

Tennessee Foreign Language Institute. 
I have heard good things about this program.  They are very flexible and can tailor class to your needs.  Although subsidized by the State of Tennessee, their programs are not cheap. 

Vanderbilt University English Language Center
This is a high quality program, but it is open only to those affiliated with Vanderbilt University.  Check with them to see whether you qualify. Spouses of graduate students are generally OK.  There is a cost.  Fees are on the website.  There are no summer classes

Nashville State Community College

This is also a very good program, but although it is subsidized by the city and state, it is not cheap, either.

Middle Tennessee State University
This program is in Murfreesboro.  I don't know anything about this specific program, but MTSU has an excellent reputation for its educational programs and I am sure that this is a good program.  They do have summer programs.

Brentwood Baptist Church ESL

This is a faith based program that has two hours of English instruction, then an hour of bible study.  Child care is provided. 

Click here to go to Brentwood Baptist Church ESL web site

Jana Brown

Jana teaches English through the use of Bible study.  She meets at a site near Vanderbilt on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. She will meet groups during the summer.  Please contact Jana before attending.

International English Institute

I don't know anything about the quality of this program.  It is a commercial outfit, and it is pretty expensive. 

The following is from Vanderbilt giving some information on other community programs. 


Click here to download a collection of information that my students have given me. I don't have personal knowledge of any of these programs.