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We depend on our volunteer teachers to insure that every student has as much opportunity to talk as possible.  One day a week, every student has a chance to report on an article he has read.  The reports are not read, but are given in the student's own words to his group of four or five students, aided by a native English speaker. We are very grateful to these dedicated volunteers.

Would you like to be one of our volunteers?  Where else can you contribute to international understanding, learn a lot, and have a wonderful time, all at the same time?  Contact me at

For our experienced volunteers, the sign-up list is accessible on the link below.  I am pleased that we have enough people who are willing to donate their time and experience to our students.  However, I don't want it to become a chore.  I don't want anyone to feel that he or she is obligated to come every week.  We usually have four or five tables of five students, with a volunteer at each table.  Noise has always been a problem, with many people talking and laughing in one room, so the church has generously allowed us to use a second room from 11 to noon on Thursdays.  As long as I have a student teacher from Vandy, we can get by with two or three volunteers, since I can take a table, and the student teacher can take a table, but I prefer four, so she and I can circulate. We are very grateful to our volunteers, who add so much to our students' experience and enjoyment.

Click here for the volunteer sign up spreadsheet

Our Wonderful Volunteers

Bob Brodie 
Bob is a retired businessman who lived in Japan for eight years, and also lived in Viet Nam and Hong Kong.


Steve Bond    
Worked in book and Bible publishing 41 years with roles in editorial, marketing, and sales; lifelong runner; interests include philosophy and religion, history, the psychology of teaching and learning


Irene Boyd
Irene has taught students in elementary, junior high, high school, and community college, as well as adult education and lay ministry training for the Catholic Diocese of Nashville. She LOVES teaching and LOVES ESL. 


Joyce Eyler
Joyce retired from the medical field, speaks a little Spanish and feels privileged to meet and learn about people from around the world.


Ellen McPherson


Sally  Nance  runs a travel agency and travels all over the world


 Joan Nicoll 
Joan taught public school English in Vermont; volunteered as a GED tutor in Florida; and lived briefly in Tehran (where she taught English) and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Sally Tiven


Danielle Walters

Danielle is an experienced educator.  She teaches French and Spanish and is active in the Alliance  Française.

Danielle.jpg       Frank Jones 724 Summerly Dr. Nashville, TN 37209